Pedro Rolle Jr

Sometimes life takes us to unexpected destinations through unforeseen paths. Pedro would be the first to attest to this. Pedro Rolle Jr., Now a successful and accomplished photographer and entrepreneur , had no idea this would be his career path and destiny. However, as he would tell you, “If you love something enough, you’ll find a way to keep that thing you love around.” Little did he know, the love of his life became a way to sustain and attain a better life.  

Pedro Rolle Jr. was born in Nassau, Bahamas and grew up knowing that he was “different”. Always one of the smartest in his class and competently good at whatever he tried, it was difficult to say what he would decide to do in the real world. Would it be a career in finance or science? It was hard to tell in a boy who was infinitely curious. One thing was certain. Pedro leaned toward the creative and the arts.

With an intense love for expression and creation, Pedro took interest in drawing and taking pictures, dancing, Hip-Hop lyricism and writing. It wasn’t hard to tell that this was where his passion lay. All throughout his youth he cultivated these skills and interests not knowing where it would take him. It was always said that there was no money in a creative field so he never realistically thought he could make a career out of anything creative .

Pedro decided to move to Mexico to learn Spanish and also begin attaining his Civil Engineering agree. All the while still taking pictures and feeding his creative needs. He got his Civil Engineering degree from Florida International University, but decided to open a recording studio to make music while taking pictures for the artists on the side. It was during this time that he decided that there was an appreciation for his photography. After this realization, Pedro dropped everything and decided to focus on photography.  

Shooting whoever would agree to shoot with him. “It was a long, trying and difficult process” Pedro admitted to us. “Photography is a very expensive career. The equipment costs more than my first car! In addition to this, nobody wanted to pay a photographer who wasn’t established yet.” He continued to shoot and hone his skill with the belief that sooner than later his career would take hold. Sure enough, hard work paid off. He was able to get his first publication and with that came a certain prestige and credibility. He then focused on Social Media to establish a platform so that more people can see and appreciate his work. All of this were necessary ingredients, according to Pedro to guarantee success.  

If you ask Pedro today, if he considers himself successful, despite his multiple cover publications, long list of established clientele, multiple businesses and financial freedom; he would still tell you “There’s always more mountains that could be climbed and conquered”. There are certain people with insatiable needs to grow, evolve and learn. Pedro Rolle Jr. is definitely one of these people. 

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